This website aims to present Ian Purves’ photographs and his personal musings about the Purves ancestry – for more information about Ian Purves.


Ian Purves has been a Landscape and Travel photographer from the mid 80’s.


My photographic ethos is to create images that grab your attention and confer meaning and wonder at nature


It has been the digital era that has helped him grow and avidly continue to learn photography as a real passion.

During 2012 he has been broadening his experiences with African wildlife in Botswana and Zambia. A trip to Namibia led him to add a D800 and Zeiss Distagon 21mm. Which has radically altered his Landscape approach.

If you would like any of Ian’s images framed please contact him.

Purves Family History

Purves family origins are uniquely circumscribed to the South East regions of Scotland and the family mostly remained in the area until the 19th Century when emigration to Canada occurred and in the later parts the 1800′s when migration to Newcastle and Liverpool/Manchester started because of decline of the rural economy and industrialisation ‘opportunities’.


The name has an ‘occupational’, or role, origin stemming from the “the collection or requisition of provisions for a sovereign” Purveyance.


Clarior e tenebris: The Purves family motto is a Latin phrase translated to “brighter from obscurity”, “light out of darkness” or “(I shine) out of the darkness more brightly” fitting for this web site and re-phrased “Aiming to bring you clarity from obscurity”


Thankfully the Purves family is some importance throughout the generations and there is much documentation naming individuals and their families. However this documentation is very dispersed and the origins for the idea for this web site is to make me organise it and make it publically available .


Social Connections

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