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Well there was a stable high pressure system over the UK, a great forecast with some cloud but little if no wind! Reflections came to mind and given an abortive attempt a few weeks ago on this front at Buttermere I thought we would have another go. My Zeiss 21mm was still in Germany getting repaired and broken Lee filters on back order, after my fall in Skye, so I was stuck with my Nikon 16-85mm f3.5-5.6G VR ED AF-S DX Lens for wide angle and Cokin filters. I packed my D7000 but was determined to use my D800 with Nikon 50 / 1.4G or the 70-200 / 2.8 … all best plans.

We stayed at the Bridge Hotel to give easy access to the lake and Mountains. We walked round the lake on the Saturday afternoon and I soon started to get irritated with the D7000 – it was a high contrast situation and the blinkies were going wild and I had to knock the EV down so I switched the 16-85mm to the D800 which automatically shifted into DX mode and the blinkies went away. Initially I was irritated by the severe vignette in the viewfinder, which is not present on liveview but I was walking. After awhile I noticed the thin black line showing the DX frame area in the view finder – all was well and I easily adapted. Unfortunately even the slightest breath of wind create ripples on reasonable size lakes so no reflections.

Tree Old Stump

Trees at Buttermere
Sunset at Buttermere

Got up 0530 for dawn and trotted down the lake – bugger slight breath of wind but nice sky. As it turned out in the next hour the cloud was all to the East – bugger. So mediocre images – plus chromatic aberrations or what thank goodness for Lightroom – come home Zeiss. I was just going to go off for breakfast when the slight breeze ended and within 15 minutes a mirror lake – but no dawn light. I’ll just have to got back.

Single Tree Buttermere Frozen Lake - Buttermere

Reflections Buttermere Reflections Buttermere

Spent the day walking up Haystacks which I haven’t done for years – all the tarns where frozen so no reflections – LOL. Also the 16-85mm kept disappointing so only going to show you one image – however what a brilliant day and its a fantastic walk – happy man.

Blackbeck Tarn

Click icons to see Bridge Hotel and photoshoots – zoom out for Haystacks and tarn

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