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So yesterday Simon Owens recommended Chemical Beach in Seaham and I was intrigued by the sea stack, the posts, the wheels (but these would be under water due to tide) and the arch. Plus looking at few other photos was encouraging. The weather forecast was good and so it was a go – the plan was see what there was but also try to get the sun through the arch. Great metaphor for drawing you into a new day – loved it since the “The Bridge” in Namibia!

Sunrise at The Bridge at Spitzkoppe in Namibia

Sunrise at The Bridge at Spitzkoppe in Namibia

Simon gave great directions (see map below) and I parked in the dark in the first parking bay, hopped over the barrier and headed left. Really glad of the new wellies it was steep and muddy – the path curves back on itself as it goes down and you have to hop over the large granite boulders – not easy in the dark! On reaching the beach it’s a shale one and there was a feint gold glow on the horizon.

The beach got its name from Seaham Chemical Works which occupied a nearby site in the 1860s. By the 1890s, both it, and Seaham Iron Works, former occupier of the Dawdon Colliery site at Nose’s Point, were ‘disused’. The wooden piles on the beach were supports for a rail track used by wagons for tipping mine waste from Dawdon Pit into the sea. In the middle of the beach is a magnesian limestone stack (Liddle Stack) and the far end is Nose Point where the arch is through to Blast Beach.

Sunrise At The Cave

Sunrise At The Cave by Dave Brightwell

It was 0730 by the time I got to Nose Point at the far end and it was clear the tide was too high (high tide 0944 neaps) to get round the first part of the nose you clearly need low water (and probably not a neaps one) Dave Brightwell has a great photo of the arch on Flickr (see right) – even this is too high a tide to see through but I am sure it can done. So I got down to looking at the stack and the posts.

Thanks Simon, some of the photo’s below (click for lightbox) and perhaps some others in my North East Gallery.

Personal Learning Notes:

  • Visit Chemical Beach at low tide to check out the arches
  • The D800 auto colour balance gave different results today compared with yesterday and so did Lightroom? Back to explore colour balance with ND filters!

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