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Skye is probably my favourite place in the World! For the last 30 years I have returned many times and enjoyed the Isle especially the Cullins and my favourite whisky Talisker. I have done several winter ascents and scared myself on a few occasions the last interesting moment was in summer a few years ago with Sharon climbing Sgurr Alasdair on a windy day – you have to take the Cullins seriously but boy are they rewarding!

So I have never been to Elgol but stayed nearby when I did a winter ascent of Bla Bheinn – anyhow with my photographic workshop coming up I thought I would drop into Elgol given its ‘fame’ and get the boat across to Loch Cornisk where I have never been but seen from above. My real hope was a star field shot of the Cullins from Elgol.

Shore Cottage at Elgol in Isle of Skye

It was impossible to find a B&B with space so I really ended being very lucky to stay at Shore Cottage in self catering – Joanie McKinnon made me very welcome and I had the freedom to come and go at all hours plus it is a fantastic place and right on the beach above the pier!

I have to say Elgol lives up to its reputation with the Cullin backdrop and great beach and shoreline. Met several photographers on the beach include some great blokes from Essex who were telling me about the JCB (Joe Cornish Boulder – named after the shot on the front of First Light: A Landscape Photographer’s Art) and where it was – cool.

I got the Misty Isle Boat across to Loch Cornisk and was rewarded by some great panaroma’s as well as sightings of red dear and common seals.

Loch Cornisk


Scavaig River flowing into Loch Scavaig in Isle of Skye - B&W

Cullins in Skye over Loch Cornisk with  Scavaig River

The beach has large pebbles and rocks but are not that slippy and nor are the rock past the point – the point is navigable with any tide except with a high spring with low pressure and given I was round it several times, including at 0230, this was great.

Sunset at Elgol in Skye

Cullins in Skye from Elgol

Not only did I get the shot I went for but I caught the Cullins with the Northern Lights behind them – I spent two hours marvelling at my D800 as whilst I could see the Cullins were back lit it was confusing until I got the exposure right, as I could not distinguish the Northern Lights with my eyes and there is no light source North of the Cullins!

Star Field and Northern Lights over Cullins in Skye from Elgol

Anyhow hope you enjoy some my other shots below.

Sunset at Elgol in Skye Elgol Elgol Sunset at Elgol

Cullins in Skye from Elgol Cullins in Skye from Elgol Elgol Beach with Cullins Behind
Lobster Pots on Elgol Pier

Click icons on map below to see Shore Cottage and photoshoots – zoom out for Loch Cornisk

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